Clay County Development Support

The Clay County Economic Development Council can help businesses interested in exapnding or relocation in several ways. Among the most important are the EDC's building, sites and demographic information.

Building, sites and demographic information is available in real-time online and can be downloaded.

The Ease of Development Handbook provides details on zoning and code requirements of all Clay County communities, along with contact information to learn more.

The EDC office also has access to a comprehensive and up-to-date information on business and site availability. For information on this database, please contact the EDC either by telephone, (816) 468-4989, or e-mail

The EDC offers detailed retail market demographics. We have several reports online, as well as information that you may access by contacting us.

We also have information on Clay County and its amenities. These include everything from quality of life features and infrastruction such as the Mid America Air Center.

For other information, look under other headings, including EDC committees, news and our affiliated organizations.

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