More Opportunity and More Quality in Clay County

Clay County contains more than 400 square miles, yet 60% of the county remains undeveloped.
The Clay County EDC recently chose "Simply More!" as the best description for this exciting area. After in depth interviews with community and business leaders, citizens and visitors, we had hoped to focus on that aspect of Clay County they most appreciated: the efficient transportation network and the central location? The excellent schools and colleges? Or do they prefer Clay County's local amenities?

The response was surprising: they prefer all of them and simply believe this area has more to offer. We didn't argue. Clay County: Simply More

First, the big picture:

Clay County, Missouri, is one of the major counties that comprise the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri. It is the third most populous county in the metro region.

Workforce, technology, value and other local assets continue to attract important relocation and expansion projects to Clay County.
Clay County offers major advantages for both businesses and its residents. The area is located in the middle of the continent, astride a transportation network connected directly to business and population centers of the nation. It offers a unique opportunity to reach national and international markets cost-effectively by traveling, shipping, receiving and commuting over shorter distances.

In one recent year, existing business expansions and new businesses brought more than $4.5 billion in new investment to the Clay County.

With that investment came more than 2,500 new jobs. Vacancies are not a problem in Clay County: More than 90% of the buildings here are full. Unemployment is among the lowest in the state, and housing permits are up an astounding 30 percent.

Education is vitally important to the residents of Clay County. The area boasts "AAA" rated public school systems and above average ACT scores. The county is home to William Jewell College and Maple Woods Community College. Visit the this page for more information.

Clay County is increasingly a regional visitors and tourism destination. Recreational and historical attractions are numerous within the county and include major amusement parks and exciting riverfront developments. Some of these distinct attractions include Smithville Lake, Worlds and Oceans of Fun, and the farm home of the notorious Jesse and Frank James. Two of the states largest casinos operate entertainment facilities that also include restaurants, hotels and theaters.

For additional information, see Area Amenities or our detailed demographic, building and site information.

Stats & Info: Online & downloadable building, site and demographics.

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