Education Brochure Details Local Quality in Learning, Workforce Development

Download Northland Schools Brochure in PDF format.

Liberty High School is in just one of the AAA districts that are a proud part of Clay County. Communicating this important story is the focus of a major EDC effort.

If all other major issues are equal, education is often the deciding factor when a company is looking for a new home. That’s why the Marketing Committee developed a comprehensive and colorful brochure to promote the excellent educational opportunities available in the Northland.

Copies of this full color brochure are now available at the EDC office. You may also learn more at the Northland Education and Business Alliance Web site,

Typical of EDC collaborative efforts, the Marketing Committee worked with representatives from every public district and private school district in Clay and Platte Counties to build this success.

The Committee also worked closely with representatives from the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Platte County Economic Development Council.

The result is task force that is improving the image of Northland schools throughout the metro area and beyond.

The goal of this effort is to better communicate that the Northland hosts some of the best schools in the metro area. State tests and other results show that Northland schools rank high above other metro schools, as well as the national average.

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