Here's this month's news wrap-up from the Clay County EDC:

State of the Cities Promises Fun and Info

The EDC will host its annual State of the Cities Luncheon Friday, Feb. 28 with an enjoyable combination of good fun and surprise announcements. Read More.

Save the Dates!

The EDC has set dates for three major events during 2020.

The State of the Cities Luncheon (see above) will be held Friday, Feb. 28.

The annual Joint Luncheon will be held 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, May 19. The event is held jointly with the Clay County and Platte County EDCs and the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The EDC Annual Meeting will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25.

All three events will be at Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino, 1 Riverboat Drive, North Kansas City.

CEO Roundtable Targets Ideas for Job Growth

An EDC affiliate will hold a business dialogue Feb. 4 to learn about obstacles and challenges slowing or blocking job growth in Clay County. Read More.

Tech Academy Open House Part of County-Wide Trend

The KC Tech Academy's recent open house is part of a major effort tied to the EDC's Strategic Plan. Read More.

Doniphan Leadership Institute Boasts Busy Month

Co-sponsored by the EDC, the Alexander Doniphan Leadership Institute in February is graduating one class and launching another. Read More.

Parents Offered Look at High Demand Careers

The Northland Education and Business Alliance recently sponsored an event for parents of Clay and Platte County high school students to better communicate the outstanding job opportunities available now in Clay County – provided they have the training. Read More.

Coffee Connect Going Strong

The weekly Northland Coffee Connect is an outstanding opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to network and learn from business owners, small business specialists and others with great ideas, tips and stories. Read More.

Cerner's Second Swing on DOD Effort Looks Like a Home Run

Clay County-based Cerner Corporation is progressing well in a second rollout of a huge Department of Defense contract. Read More.

SBA Rates Offer Long-Term, Low Interest

The most recent SBA 504 Loan rates are 3.933 percent for 10-year loans, 3.582 for 20 year loans and 3.643 for 25-year loans.

For further information, contact Midwest Small Business Finance at (816) 468-4989 or visit

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