Clay County Survey Provides Insight Into Growth

Clay County business leaders see a positive climate with conditions favorable for growth, according to a recently released survey by the Clay County Economic Development Council.

The 2017 Business Retention & Expansion Survey was based on interviews with executives of 60 Clay County companies during 2015 and 2016. The one-on-one interviews were conducted by students of the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) then assessed using the Business Synchronist Information System. This is the 13th consecutive year that the EDC has utilized Synchronist, which helps identify expansion opportunities, companies at risk, as well as company and community problems.

Several results point to positive growth for local companies. Nearly half of the businesses report plans to expand in the next three years, with nearly 300 new jobs expected immediately. Economic recovery, attractive real estate and construction prices were major factors in the optimistic projections.

Most of the companies report heavy investments in new technology. New and advanced technologies are emerging for 58 percent of the companies. Eighteen percent of the respondents report that the county’s technology infrastructure is not adequate to meet their needs.

Click here to download the executive summary in PDF.