Momentum Builds for Work Ready Program

Clay County is the largest county in Missouri and one of the largest in the U.S. to earn Certified Work Ready Communities recognition.

Developed by the testing organization ACT, CWRC creates a common language for employers and employees in order to improve competitiveness and close the skills gap. Current and future employees voluntarily take a rigorous test that measures their basic work skills for 77 percent of the jobs in an ACT database. Prospective employees gain a portable, industry-recognized credential that clearly identifies an individual’s skills while employees gain a trusted method for assessing applicants.

The program measures basic work skills of would-be employees. Created by the nationally recognized ACT testing organization, the program offers Career Readiness Certificates that help qualify real-world job skills in a consistent, “apples to apples” measurement. Workers gain the advantage of a verified proof of their basic work skills, while employers gain a consistent and comparable tool for evaluating job applicants.

National Career Readiness Certificates complement traditional credentials such as high school diplomas, community college degrees, and certificates of technical proficiency. Academic credentials mark the fulfillment of an individual’s classroom learning experiences. The NCRC relies on standardized assessments and confirms an individual’s competence in a specific set of workplace skills.

Extensive information is available at this link. Employers, especially, may also gain from this YouTube video.