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Clay County Part of National Trend Lifting KC Area

January 2017

Clay County is a big reason that Kansas City moved into the top 100 “Strongest U.S. Cities,” according to a recent ranking by the Milken Institute.

Each year, the Institute rates the nation’s best performing cities. This year, the study included the expected push by technology but also dramatic growth driven by manufacturing like the Ford Motor Company expansion in Clay County.

The institute listed the same top five as 2015 but in slightly different order: San Jose, Calif.; Provo, Utah; San Francisco; Austin, Texas, and Dallas,Texas.

All of these cities represent Silicon Valley and other technology hubs. But a new area included a strong growth by Southern and Midwestern cities that reflect strong growth in the U.S. auto industry.

Each year, the Milken Institute evaluates the nation’s 200 largest cities according to economic criteria such as job and wage growth and the presence of wealth-creating high-tech industries.

Greater Kansas City this year was ranked 92nd by the Milliken Institute’s study, up from 103rd in 2015.

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