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Downtown Developments Draw Attention

January 2017

Business growth and expansion in downtown North Kansas City recently drew attention from the Kansas City Business Journal.

In an article by Andrew Grumke, published Dec. 7, the Journal noted that a “…new, award-winning distillery offers a toast to KC's Irish history.”

Restless Spirits Distilling Co., at 109 E. 18th Ave. in North Kansas City, has “crafted a unique niche for itself by creating Irish-style liquors that pay homage to the owner's long family history in Kansas City.” The article notes how owners Michael and Benay Shannon are paying homage to Michael’s great-great grandfather, Michael Joseph Shannon, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1853, doing work on the Intercontinental Railroad before settling in Kansas City's 9th Ward.

For the EDC, the recognition is also notable because the businesses are part of a significant business trend. Restless Spirits is one of several businesses that are growing in an area of downtown North Kansas City and recognized during the Keystone Awards. The other businesses include Brave Enough Crossfit, Calibration Brewery, Champion Supply Company, Chicken N Pickle Pickleball Courts, Colony Expresso & Beer, Deutz USA, Groove Washer, Heartland Tires & Treads, Lampton Welding Supply, McNeilus, RoKC Climbing Gym and Shock Treatment Interactive Horror Experience.

The Keystone Awards also recognized significant downtown development in Gladstone, Liberty and Kearney. The complete Business Journal article can be seen at this link.

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