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Heights of Technology Thrive Below Clay County’s Surface

January 2017

A recent article in the Kansas City Star provided insight into why Hunt Midwest’s Subtropolis is a major player nationally in the quest to attract high-tech businesses.

Written by Scott Canon, the article detailed how LightEdge Solutions and other companies provide data storage utilizing the environmental advantages of SubTroplis. Safe from even the biggest tornados and with a constant temperature, the nearly unlimited business complex is proving perfect for massive “computer farms” that house data for everything from government to businesses.

The area has other advantages as well. The Kansas City region is considered to have a data center edge because of its reasonable energy prices and access to the backbone of the internet. KC’s industrial energy rates are near the national average and many of the internet’s high-capacity lines run through the region.

Along with LightEdge, other data firms in SubTropolis include Iron Mountain and Bluebird. The complete article is available at this link.

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