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Nominations Sought for 2017 Look North Award

October 2017

Former Look North Award recipients gathered at last year's event.

The Clay County Economic Development Council is seeking nominations for the 2017 Look North Award.

The Look North Leadership award was created to recognize the outstanding leadership accomplishments of a person who has made an invaluable contribution to economic development and quality of life in Clay County.

Criteria used in the selection process may include one or all of the following: business achievement; civic leadership; cultural contribution and/or philanthropic commitment. The award is merit-based, and no deceased person or in-office elected government official is eligible.  

The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13

For additional information or nomination forms, call (816) 468-4989 or e-mail

Previous recipients of the Look North Award are Nettie Agnew (2006), Sandra Aust (2007), Virgil Bower (1992), Stephen Brainard (1996), Raymond Brock (1987), James Burke (1979), Cerner (2013), H.D. Cleberg (1998), Jim Corwin (2011), Dr. Tom Cummings (2006), Kirk Davis (2016), Lee Derrough (2005), Jay Dillingham (1985), John Dillingham (1981), Nancy Dillingham (1999), Dobbe Dobberstine (2014), Clark Ferguson (1989), Milton Ferguson (1994), Jewett Fulkerson (1987), Charles Garney (1980), Patty Garney (1996), Anita Gorman (1979), James “Pete” Hall (2002), J. Harold Hamil (1986), Richard Harriman (1984), Mark Henry (2015), Deb Hermann (2016), Gerald James (1991), Dan Kahler (2008), Gordon Kingsley (1990), Morty Lebedun (2004), Robert Lemons (1983), Karl Morris (2004), Charles Myers (2000), Mack Porter (1995), John Pritchard (1993), Mary Pritchard (1993), Ed Quick (2005), Cecilia Robinson (2003), Landon Rowland (2001), Edna Shepherd (2000), Reuben Siverling (2009), Sarah Snow (1988), Phil Snowden (1984), Mark Tankesley (2012), Harold Townsend, Jr. (1997), Joe Wally (1988), Linda Ward (2007), Terry Ward (2010), Homer Williams (1999), Van Williams (1982), Henry Wurst (1985), Albert W. Zimmer III (2014) and Mark McHenry (2015).

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