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Northland CAPS Continues Progress

October 2017

The Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) continues to grow, with nearly 400 students enrolled in this, the fifth, year of the program.

CAPS provides students from six Northland high schools with a professional, innovative and entrepreneurial education through full immersion in high-demand/high-skill careers. The program is expected to add a seventh school.

Executive Director Sandy Henshaw recently released a program update as students began the fall semester. One of the most dramatic news was that Northland CAPS is the second largest CAPS program of only 32 in the United States. The Northland success has earned CAPS a role-model status. Perhaps most importantly, these successes have resulted in many opportunities and accolades for Clay and Platte County students, along with great business connections and professionalism for the students and their communities.

The program began this year with Bootcamp sessions where students perfected their elevator speeches, professional email accounts and networking skills, as well as began project management. 

CAPS students work in one of eight areas or “strands,” including Digital Media and Design, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Global Business and Entrepreneurship, Global Logistics, Medicine and Healthcare – NKC Hospital – Professional Building, Medicine and Healthcare – Liberty Hospital, Medicine and Healthcare – NKC Hospital, and Technology Solutions.

Last spring, the Northland organizers conducted a strategic planning process where they determined their vision, mission, values, and goals for the next four years. 

More information on Northland CAPS is available at their website.

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