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Big Nod to Gladstone’s Downtown Efforts

October 2019

Summit Grill is one of the latest additions to the unusual, "built from scratch" Gladstone Downtown, one of the Northland's most unique success stories.

Gladstone’s great new downtown received some equally great coverage recently with the article “Building A Downtown Almost From Scratch” in the Kansas City Business Journal.

Authored by staff writer Miranda Davis, the article detailed how the four-block area between North Oak Trafficway and Gladstone City Hall has been rebuilt as a dynamic city center in just 15 years.

Davis summarized well the complex and ongoing effort: “… the city willed it to life through a massive redevelopment, spurred by its emotional and financial investment in creating a community gathering place not just for its residents, but for the entire Northland.” Mayor Carol Suter also noted that the post-World War II, bedroom community never had a focused city center, but increasingly residents had said they wanted one.

A first step was a community center, followed by the $1 million Linden Square public space now home to concerts and other gatherings. Offices, the upscale apartment complex Heights at Linden Square, and the Northland Innovation Center raised the bar considerably. Recent additions include the upscale restaurant Summit Grill, popular Stone Canyon Pizza and iWerx Gladstone, the small business incubator that also hosts the EDC offices.

To read the complete article, go to this link.

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