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Leading Specialist Joins Liberty Hospital

October 2019

One of the nation’s leading breast imaging specialists recently joined Liberty Hospital and is now a big part of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With Liberty Hospital since last summer and now director of the Women’s Imaging Center, Dr. Amy Patel was recently chosen as one of only five people nationally as a Champion of Hope for the Susan G. Komen organization. The Champions are those patients, doctors and breast cancer advocates from all over the nation who have gone above and beyond in the search for a cure.

Originally from Chillicothe, Dr. Patel previously served at Harvard University in Boston. She has also lobbied for changes in state insurance law, and one result was that many private insurers now cover 3-D mammography.

Fox4 TV recently featured Dr. Patel and her story. See the complete article and video on Fox4 television at this link.

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