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Premier Healthcare Summit Set for Middle Managers

February 2017

A healthcare conference designed specifically for the unique challenges of middle managers will be the focus of a one-day event April 27 at the Courtyard of Marriott at Briarcliff.

The event will feature three sessions utilizing case studies and role-playing. The program will emphasize verbal and professional communication, problem solving and employee coaching.

Participants will learn how to professionally communicate verbally with the people they report to, as well as with the people who report to them. Topics include specific etiquette tips that will save embarrassment. Role-playing will be used to teach communication techniques to help ensure high employee morale.

Keynote speaker Will Stuck will use his storytelling talents and comic relief to explain how healthcare professionals can relieve stress and provide other advantages.

Other presenters include Steve Wenger who will share a methodology developed over 30 years that helps problem solving on a daily basis at work.

Program fees are $497 before March 17. For more information, contact Rebecca Lobina, Northwest Missouri State University, 816-364-4105, or visit this link.

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