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Leadership Program Starts One Session, Graduates Another

February 2020

Now entering its 14th year, the Alexander Doniphan Leadership Institute just started its spring 2020 cohort and will soon graduate fellows of the fall 2019 session.

The Clay County Economic Development Council and the Pryor Center for Leadership Development at William Jewell College founded the Institute in 2006. The executive leadership program is comprised one full day each month for six months.

Spring 2020 sessions began Wednesday, Jan. 29, and graduation for the fall, 2019 program will be Feb. 5.

Doniphan fellows represent a wide range of industries from health care to manufacturing. The Institute develops leaders for Clay County and Greater Kansas City. It generates an environment for vision, community transformation and unity. Doniphan Leadership Institute Fellows are the leaders and visionaries of a dynamic and vibrant Greater Kansas City metropolitan area and business community.

This exclusive program is a six-month executive training program focused on leadership development and vision. Key elements of the program include leadership development theory, 360-Degree Feedback Assessment with consultation, in-depth group discussions and experiential learning activities. The program also features personal interaction with leaders, focusing on vision and executive leadership. Consultants, mentors and professional trainers with specialized skills and backgrounds deliver the program to the participants.

The Doniphan Leadership Institute creates visionary leaders by providing the highest quality of facilitators, information and guest lecturers. The participants of the Institute are challenged to see beyond their current vision – to see into the broader community and to create a vision for “the greater good.”

For additional information, call the Development Council at (816) 468-4989 or visit where an application brochure and schedule are available. You may also contact the Pryor Center at (816) 415-5052.

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