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High-Demand Career Night Draws Northland Parents

February 2020

Parents from throughout the Northland and many of their high school aged students attended a recent High-Demand Career Night organized by EDC Affiliate the Northland Education and Business Alliance (NEBA).

The Northland Education and Business Alliance (NEBA) held a special High-Demand Career Night on Thursday, Jan. 30, at Staley High School.

The free event provided Clay and Platte County parents of high school students an opportunity to meet with representatives from dozens of area businesses that offer high-paying careers. Fields represented included IT, advanced manufacturing and more. While diverse, the businesses and the careers they offer often share a common denominator: high paying jobs that are in high demand.

An EDC affiliate, NEBA supports multiple efforts to improve area workforce training, improve job opportunities for young people and adults and remove workforce roadblocks that hinder business expansion. Although many see incentives and other factors as major components of business location, statistics show that the availability of a quality workforce is a key factor in business growth and job development.

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