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Governor’s Visit Illustrates Growing Success of EDC Efforts

February 2021

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will address the Northland Education and Business Alliance at their March 2 meeting in Pleasant Valley.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s presence at the March 2 meeting of the Northland Business and Education Alliance symbolizes several successes for the EDC.

Gov. Parson, who has made workforce development a cornerstone for his new term, will join the March session planned for the newly opened KC Tech Academy in Pleasant Valley. Both NEBA and the Academy are involved in the EDC’s work to improve workforce development in order to increase job opportunities and expand business growth: the EDC helped found NEBA over 10 years ago and expansion of the academy is one of the EDC’s Big 4 strategic initiative targets.

This isn’t Gov. Parson’s first involvement with NEBA, either. He recorded a message for group’s Nov. 18 virtual career fair, which drew more than 2,500 students. He was so impressed by NEBA’s workforce efforts, he asked to address the group directly at their March meeting.

“He was just really impressed with what we’ve done and wants to meet,” explained David Slater, executive Director of the Clay County Economic Development Council, a NEBA affiliate. “I think part of it is that he wants to give you a ‘job well done.’” Slater noted that workforce development is one of Gov. Parson’s priorities.

NEBA Co-chair Brian Noller said the March 2 meeting will be held at the KC Tech Academy, which is moving to the former Early Childhood Education Center in Pleasant Valley Feb. 1.

The meeting will be held in person and via Zoom videoconference. More information will be shared when available.

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