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Best-Kept Secret: EDC Small Business Services

April 2019

The Clay County Economic Development Council is widely known for its major successes, from strategic planning to working with major employers like Ford.

Less well known is the EDC’s ongoing effort helping small businesses. Although the work has been under way since the founding of the organization, it has often been behind-the-scenes work to help these important economic development engines grow and prosper.

“Our large corporations are important,” explained Executive Director TJ Berry. “But the largest job-creating sector by far is our small businesses. That’s true nationally, and it’s true in Clay County. So it’s important that we do everything we can for them.”

Businesses that are members of the Development Council have access to a wide and diverse range of free and low-cost services: business brokerage, business plan creation, financial status evaluation and more. Coupled with extensive networking opportunities involving business and government leaders, workforce organizations, financing opportunities and other connections, the organization offers an outstanding resource for businesses.

Here are a few examples:

• Fixed-rate, low-interest, long-term loans.

• Community organizations involved in economic development.

• Regional databases on buildings and sites, as well as regional analytics.

• Greater Kansas City business support services resources.

• Regional contacts for business services, assistance and other resources.

Best of all, these and other services are delivered by a non-profit organization that targets job creation in our communities.

For more information, call (816) 468-4989 or email

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