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Bank Rankings Include Clay County Institutions

May 2018

Two recent bank ratings in the Kansas City Business Journal prominently featured Clay County and Northland institutions.

BankLiberty was in the top five of an April 13 ranking of “Largest Commercial Lending Banks in KC, by ratio Ranked by Loan-to-deposit ratio.”

The subscriber-only article is available at this link.

Strongest Mid-Size Banks

BankLiberty and Platte Valley Bank were also mentioned in an earlier Business Journal listing of the top five “strongest” mid-size banks in Kansas City.

Platte Valley Bank of Missouri earned the third spot with a virtually nonexistent, 0.01 problem-loan ration and a $388.65 million loan portfolio. The bank shows $51.38 million in equity capital and a 9.5 percent core-capital ratio.

BankLiberty earned the top spot after growing its loan portfolio by 2.3 percent since midyear to $371.43 million. Even with that fast growth, it reduced its problem-loan ratio from 0.1 percent to a nearly non-existent 0.01 percent. The bank is backed by a 10.41 percent core-capital ratio and has $49.58 million in equity capital.

The complete article is available at this link.

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