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Missouri Governor “Looks North” In Recent Weeks

May 2021

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has been a frequent visitor to the Northland in recent weeks.

Missouri Governor Michael Parson has reached out to the EDC and its affiliates three times in the past several weeks, including two in-person visits.

Gov. Parson was the guest speaker at the March 2 Northland Education and Business Alliance (NEBA) meeting at the temporary home of the KC Tech Academy in Pleasant Valley.

During that event, Gov. Parson was able to meet with the Clay and Platte school district superintendents, as well as some students from the academy. Also at this event, Brian Noller, NEBA co-chair and the Director of the Northland Career Center, invited the governor to the center to see how the organization is helping young women and men prepare for today’s workforce.

The governor made this trip on March 31 and spent approximately 90 minutes meeting with students and faculty at the center. 

The third gathering involved Gov. Parson’s monthly legislative meeting with the EDC and several other leaders across the state.

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