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Liberty Bridge Is Coming Down – Then Going Up In New Form

June 2019

Not one but two new bridges will replace the current Highway 152 span over I-35 on Liberty's west side.

Drivers around Liberty are facing a challenge as the city’s main east/west route over I-35 is severed for construction of a new bridge carrying Highway 152.

The bridge, which becomes Kansas Avenue as it enters Liberty, has become congested as the city has grown, along with the Kansas City retail and residential areas to the west. Liberty city officials report that nearly 50,000 vehicles pass through the Missouri 152/Interstate 35 interchange each day. By 2040, traffic is forecast to increase up to 84,000 vehicles daily.

With involvement from the cities of Liberty and Kansas City, plus the Missouri Department of Transportation, the current Missouri 152 bridge over I-35 is scheduled for demolition May 31. Its replacement will be a new, wider span that includes more turn lanes plus a second, adjoining bridge to separate a large group of drivers making a turn movement that until now has caused significant congestion.

Related work has been under way for two months, especially inside Liberty, where Highway 152/Kansas Avenue is being revised with new intersections all the way to Highway 291. Other work is also taking place on I-35, where the entrance and exit ramps are being streamlined.

Project planners expect the bridge to be fully replaced by September of this year and the nearly $30 million project to be totally completed by September 2020.

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