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Creative Incubator Continues to Succeed, Expand

June 2019

The newly “grand-opened” Gladstone iWerx is not the only development by a unique Clay County organization.

The new Gladstone iWerx is home to the EDC and also a significant Northland development. Based on the same concept as the original iWerx in North Kansas City, the Gladstone location was 40 percent occupied when it opened officially May 16.

But that's not all. iWerx has also opened the area’s first coworking space and business incubator supporting makers, designers and craftsmen. Named designWerx, that operation is located in North Kansas City and provides artists, crafters, designers and creators a place with the resources they need to create their work and build a business. designWerx includes access to work and storage space, tools, training, marketing and sales support. Like iWerx, it gives creative entrepreneurs a friendly and affordable place to text their business plans and, if all goes well, expand and create jobs.

Like iWerx, success has led to plans for expansion: designWerx recently announced plans for their second location in Gladstone this summer.

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