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Virtual Reality in Education, Healthcare and More

June 2019

Josh Franzen of Springboard Virtual Reality LLC addressed educators, administrators and others on implementing virtual reality in education during a conference organized by OmniLife VR at William Jewell College May 16.

Nearly 200 educators and other professionals from throughout Greater Kansas City examined the almost unlimited potential of virtual reality during a daylong expo at William Jewell College on Thursday, May 16.

Powered by OmniLife VR of North Kansas City and sponsored by the college, the Virtual Reality in Education, Health & Wellness Conference included in-depth presentations about the use of VR in education, helping youth with disabilities, pain management, physical and occupational therapy and more.

Another speaker, clinical therapist Leon Probasco, discussed virtual reality’s use in mental health and pain management. “We’re seeing dramatic strides in working with dementia patients,” he noted. “The results are almost unbelievable.”

The free conference began with a keynote speech by Drew Meyerowich, Chief Operating Officer, Holland 1916 in North Kansas City. He is also the former director of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Schools and a combat leader in Afghanistan and Somalia, including the widely known action depicted in “Black Hawk Down.”

Meyerowich said one of the biggest challenges involves reaching young people who fill today’s classrooms and tomorrow’s workplaces. “How do we embrace the technology without changing who you are,” he asked the audience’s teachers and administrators. “VR offers some answers. Imagine if instead of talking about the Battle of Gettysburg, you could show them. You could see General Lee making decisions. Or the Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence.”

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