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Liberty Hospital Adds Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic

September 2018

Liberty Hospital has added a pulmonary and sleep clinic to enhance its services to area patients.

Liberty Hospital has purchased a physician practice in order to create a pulmonary and sleep clinic.

Northland Chest Consultants, located in the Doctors Building at Liberty Hospital, became the Liberty Hospital Pulmonary and Sleep Clinic, effective Aug. 31, according to a release issued by the hospital. The practice includes Michael Loggan, M.D., FCCP; Jacqueline Smith, M.D., FCCP; Cynthia Spilker, M.D., FCCP; and Sonica Saini, M.D., MPH.

“Although this practice has been in place on the Liberty Hospital campus since 1999, we believe the employment of this group of physicians will only enhance the hospital’s service to its patients,” said David Feess, president and CEO of Liberty Hospital. “Soon we will add a new physician to this group, which will bring even more exceptional care to patients with lung and critical care issues.”

The pulmonary and sleep clinic will continue to offer specialized services, including the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary nodules, pleural effusion, sarcoidosis, bronchiectasis, lung mass and obstructive sleep apnea.

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