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EDC, Other Groups Oppose April Sales Tax in KC

March 2019

The Clay County Economic Development Council has joined a number of metropolitan organizations opposing Kansas City’s proposed 3/8th cent sales tax on the April 2 city ballot.

Opponents argue that the “noble goal” fall short and that the tax could require Kansas City residents living in poverty to pay proportionally more for the service, which in some cases is being planned by individual schools.

According to, the citywide sales tax to fund pre-K instruction for more than 5,400 four- and five-year-olds living within the boundaries of Kansas City, according to the initiative's full text.

Approval of the measure would also dedicate sales tax funds to early childhood education centers and the city's early childhood education workforce. The tax would be applied to retail sales of taxable items and services in Kansas City for 10 years beginning on Oct. 1, 2019. Under the initiative, a five-member economic development tax board would be established to oversee expenditures

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