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KSHB Feature Examines iWerx Gladstone and Its Significance

August 2018

The new iWerx in Gladstone was recently featured on KSBH Channel 41 TV. The new location and home of the EDC will have many of the same features as the North Kansas City location shown here.

KSHB Channel 41 recently featured the Clay County Economic Development Council’s new location and insight into the development by Executive Director TJ Berry.

The July 9 broadcast detailed plans by iWerx to open its Gladstone location in October. The new co-working space will feature room for approximately 76 business members, eight group spaces and offices for the EDC and its affiliates Midwest Small Business Finance and the Northland Angel Investor Network.

Executive Director TJ Berry sees more than a new office for the EDC at iWerx Gladstone.

Berry said the entire project is the kind of business development the EDC supports. “We want Clay County to become really good at developing our own talent and keeping it here,” said Berry. “Developing small businesses and making our resources available is just the kind of effort we stand for.”

The EDC emphasis on small business is based on real-world outcomes that show small businesses create a majority of the nation’s new jobs. The organization has a long history of helping create and grow small business with support such as capital, help with community regulations, workforce development and more.

Money for growth is often the biggest need for small businesses, a big reason why the EDC affiliates moving to iWerx are both involved in small business loans and investment. “The number one thing all entrepreneurs face when they are doing startups is, ‘Do they have enough money to make their idea come to life?’” Berry noted.

The KSHB feature also provided an inside look at iWerx’ earlier success in North Kansas City and its development under way in growing downtown Gladstone. To see the video online, visit this link.

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