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Nominations Open for 2017 Keystone Awards

September 2017

The Gladstone Innovation Campus earned a special Keystone Award in 2016 and illustrates the type of quality development sought for the 2017 Keystone awards. Nominations are now open and the deadline is Oct. 27. More information is available here.

The 2017 Keystone Recognition Awards will be presented by the Clay County Economic Development Council to recognize businesses that have made a significant contribution to Clay County's economy.

Winning nominations represent significant capital investment, employment increases, improvements to neighborhoods and business districts, as well as technological innovation.

The Keystone Awards recognize companies new to the area as well as existing firms that have increased their commitment to Clay County through job creation, capital improvements, expansions, new equipment and/or technology.

The awards will be presented at the EDC’s Keystone Awards Luncheon in December. To qualify, the projects must be scheduled for substantial completion by Dec. 31, 2017. The deadline for nominations is Oct. 27.

More information and online nominations are available here. You may also call the Development Council offices, (816) 468-4989, or e-mail

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