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Road Construction Impacts Downtown Airport Roads for Six Weeks

August 2018

Several construction projects will limit use of the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City over the next few weeks.

The Kansas City Aviation Department has announced closures at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Clay County, including one related to the ongoing construction on the Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge.

In mid-July, the airport began a six-week road closure that will impact its tenants and customers, as well as the runners and bikers who utilize airport roads. This closure is due to ongoing construction projects at the Downtown Airport which include rehabilitating the relief well system and upgrading the electrical system on the airport’s west side.

The closure is located directly beneath the O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge at southeast corner of the airport perimeter and will only be accessible to construction vehicles and workers.

The Relief Well System Rehabilitation Project has been an ongoing, phased project for the last three years. Relief wells are part of the levee system that protects the airport from flooding by alleviating flood water pressure from the levee and diverting flood waters away from the levee walls. During this time, multiple relief wells have been thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned, refurbished, and several new relief wells have been installed.

The purpose of the West Side Electrical Upgrade Project is to install new underground electrical conduits, lighting poles and structures that will replace aging ones. It also consists of removing the current overhead and underground power lines on the south and west sides of the airport. This project is also a multi-phase project that began earlier this year.

These closures are necessary to accommodate three separate construction projects that require contractors to work on the runways, in the runway safety areas, or the arrival and departure corridors.

To access the west side of the airport, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles will have to utilize the north loop of the airport perimeter road.

The Kansas City Airport System is an Enterprise Fund Department of the City of Kansas City, Mo., and is supported wholly by airport user charges. No general tax fund revenues are used for the administration, promotion, operation, or maintenance of the airports in the system. Visit for more information.

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