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Grace Wins Home & Studio and The Loft at Grace Wins

December 2018

Grace Wins Home & Studio and The Loft at Grace Wins, 118/120 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs involves two businesses in one building – and a story of community-wide impact.

Kristin Anderson set out to establish a new business in the historic district of Excelsior Springs. Her parents, Brad and Brenda Eales, decided to purchase a building that had been vacant in the downtown area for decades. Through collaboration, and with Brad acting as the general contractor, the first floor of 118 and 120 E Broadway was designed to create a 2,650 square foot retail space.

This space is now home to Grace Wins Home & Studio, which is owned and operated by Kristin and employs four additional team members.

The second story of this 1903 building had not been actively used in over thirty years and was on the brink of being unsafe to even tour. Collectively, the family created a five-bedroom Airbnb unit to support the wedding and tourism industries in the Excelsior Springs community. The Lofts at Grace Wins is truly a home away from home and opened in October.

Outside, a dramatic facelift brought new interest to the renovations of many of the area’s historic buildings. Since the Eales' began their work, the area has seen an upward trend of sales and renovations being made throughout downtown. Multiple buildings have been bought by new investors and restoration has begun on six additional buildings.

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