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Special Recognition: Major Thoroughfare Upgrade in Liberty

December 2018

The EDC 2020 Keystone Awards recognize two Special Recognition projects that brought a major impact on the community.

One is the Highway 152-Kansas Avenue Improvements in Liberty.

This work was in conjunction with the I-35 overpass for Highway 152 and continued the improvements into Liberty on Kansas Ave., widening this busy thoroughfare all the way to its intersection with Highway 291 and to Clayview Drive. Like the overpass, this massive project was a joint effort with the Missouri Department of Transportation. With a cost of approximately $26.2 million, the work represents one of the largest public projects ever in Liberty.

The dramatic impact of these improvements is hard to overstate. Once a two-lane country road leading into Liberty, Highway 152-Kansas Ave. was widened in the 1980s. However, continued retail and residential growth in the city and surrounding areas led to congestion. The new work is typified by strategic turning lanes and intersection improvements that significantly increase and smooth traffic flow. Today, with this new thoroughfare complete for over a mile from west of I-35 to Clayview east of Highway 291, Liberty now boasts an attractive and efficient front door.

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